Meet Gerardo del Villar

My life is riddled with hard-won events. Which have shaped my character. I have had family losses since I was very young. One of them and the most significant, the death of my mother. Throughout my life as a human being, I have encountered this kind of events, with sad moments, barriers and fears, which I have had to overcome, sometimes for survival and in others for my own sake. This has made me a person with a positive mind and wanting to live life, to enjoy every minute that I am alive and to continue struggling to achieve my dreams.
One of my passions is scuba diving and sharks. I have found in this animal so striking a way of perceiving life. I find in this species a confrontation with myself, a way of being in contact with my fears, my fears and my barriers. Every day and every time I face my sharks, it is a time of growth. This same message is the one I try to convey to all the people around me.
I invite you to beat your sharks.


A grain of sand for an ocean of possibilities


One of the goals in my lectures is to convey my achievements, failures, joys and sorrows that I have gained throughout my life. Sharing and creating an experience in each viewer.
My goal is to motivate my audience, but above all leave a trace, a memory, something that can help each person in any area that develops, both personally and in the workplace.


What would you think if I told you that you can have the shark you want in your room without having to leave a mark on this magnificent animal, today this is possible by means of a painting that suits you, and that quality both graphics and the final quality of the painting is the best with the finest materials, I have thousands of professional photographs and not just sharks.


Send us a message if you want to be part of our team of ambassadors or if you know or know any institution, school or university where you want the documentary to be projected and we give some of our conservation conferences.

We decided to embark on a new adventure in order to demystify the sharks to change their perception of them, and thus contribute to their conservation.

Sharks need you

Allies for a frank cause